Electronic Water Softener

No Salt, A new technology to solve the hard water problem

Unlike traditional water softener,  these products would not change the water hardness. But the changes would be observed, on where the scale/hard water troubles you.

Check the timetable below to see what benefits you would get.

Day 3

The soap lathers more easily. Feels smoother on skin and silkier on hair after showering. Though it may not that obvious at the beginning, it continues getting better day by day.

After 1 week

Inside the pipe, the limescale deposit would stop. The dissolving would start. Although most of the break down particles will be microscopic and couldn’t be observed by naked eye. The new dirt/scale might still can be found on the toilet/faucets,/sinks/glass, but it is easier to clean it with a duster and is totally different from the previous scale structurally.

After 2 weeks

The deposit on showerheads, faucets, kettles start loosing. The rust stop, the color in the water would fade away. No more problems with the bathing and washing hair.

After 1 month

Less time/power needed to heat up same volume water for the water heater. The deposit on pipes, faucets and showerheads should be significantly reduced. Descaling also happen in kettle, coffee machine and other cooking utensil. The new sediment will be powdered but not hard, and is easy to clean it.

After 3 months

Disappearance of the scale from the shower head, faucets and other water fixtures. Scaly crust in toilets is significantly reduced. The total time about descaling for your whole system will depend on your previous scale problem, sometimes it may take up to 6 months or more to dissolve all of it.


Our units emit the complex, frequency modulated electromagnetic wave that transmitted through two cable bands wrapped around the main water pipe. When the frequency meet the natural frequency of the calcium carbonate whic is dissolved in the water. A physical phenomenon called “resonance” occurs, and the dissolved calcium carbonate will precipitate out in the water now. The calcium carbonate will stay in the water instead of stick to any surface of the fixture, since its crystal texture is not that sticky any more.

Meanwhile, the carbon dioxide that released from the water will help to dissolve existing scale deposits and drain from your plumbing system. Unlike traditional water softeners, there won’t be any change in the water hardness after the operation.

All types of plumbing would fit, including copper, iron, stainless steel, plastic and galvanized pipe. But plastic pipe always get the best performance. Since these units are designed for residential use, the pipe size should not exceed 1-1/2″. 3 bathrooms house is considered to be the largest home this could fit.

No, you would not see any changes on the water test. Our units work differently compared to the traditional water softener. It changes the crystal texture of the carbonates to make them stay in the water, but not stick on the pipe surface/fixtures/shower head.

It feels like the water was softener, but the water hardness test didn’t show up. Easy lather up for the soap, better physical sensation, gradually disappearing scale and unobstructed water fixture. All the benefits for a family use will let you know.

The best position would be the entry of your house water supply. For those customer who have a more serious scale problem on the hot water line,  it is better to install the bands on the inlet of your water heater to get a better performance.

No, it will not affect the performance, but it is important to wrap it as tighter as you can. Close bonding will create a good condition for the “resonance”, so you could get a better performance of the treatment.

For 5000E, the power consumption is around 8 Watts, The cost of electric energy per year amounts to approx. 10-15 US$, depending on electric charge of your living area..

It depends on different situation, normally after 1-3 months you will see the scale is reduced obviously. It might need a longer time to clean your pipe system totally, just as the time that the scale formed.

No, but it will stop the rust. The color and smell of the water would fade way over time.

The treatment produces hydrogen dioxide (H2O2), will help to form the metallic carbonate which works as a covering layer and is totally different compare to the metallic oxide. And it protects pipes from corrosive substances.

Common Hard Water Problems

Ca+ Mg+ Ions are easy found in the hard water area, the “unstable” property would make they precipitate out and form carbonates.

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Pipe Limescale

The carbonates form at "an energy changing area", not in a straight pipe normally, but on the corner/hot water line/fixtures. Once the limescale happens, it would pile up and never stop. Block the pipe, less water on the faucet, higher water pressure needed.


Fixture Stains

After the hard water spray out of the fixture, the carbonates form on the surface of the metal/glass/floor, and it is hard to remove. Leave the ugly stains on it.



The situation would be worse if the water have heavy metal ions, such as Fe+, Cu+. They come out from the water and stick on the limescale, create the rust. Rust always grow with the limescale and the make water not drinkable, not useable.